Canadian Victor Microsynchronous Radio Model R-34 ?

I recently bought (and restored) this Victor Micro-synchronous radio here in Vancouver. It has a Canadian Victor model number R-34, and the serial number C2405. It is not what normally is running under this model number, the 1931 follow-up model to the 1929 R-32, since it is obviously a first generation model. The only other instance of this radio I found in an earlier thread by fvan here on ARF: It seems the radio is confined to Vancouver. In the thread mentioned Arran suggested to look for saw marks on the bottoms of the legs as it looked a little short to him. I looked - the legs are original, the radio's height is 38 1/2", that is 4 1/2" taller than a RCA R-15. So it is a lowboy deLuxe model with doors, unlike the deLuxe model R-52, which is a highboy. If someone knows more about this model, especially the number produced, I would be interested to know. It seems Canadian Victor was confused too, since inside the radio there is a paper sticker with model number R-32 on it (see last picture), which certainly is wrong, and the year corrected from 1929 to 1930 in writing. Someone can tell me what "Rd." is standing for?

The set is purely an R-32, in a cabinet, unique to the Canadian market. The cabinet is nicer than the USA R-32, because of the doors. I failed to notice whether the amplifier is set up for 25 or 60 ncycle power. It would never be a problem, anyway.
The follow-up models, offered in 1931, like the R-35, RE-57, are totally different sets, so there's no relationship with the set that you have. It looks very nice. You're lucky.
Thanks Doug. I think the nearest relative is the R-52. The amplifiers type plate as well as the sticker on the lower right in the last picture above both say "50-60 cycles". The former owner added a fuse and a resistor to the primary winding of the mains transformer, the purpose of which is unclear to me: